The History

The history of Compass Cove has been part of the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand for decades. See how the hotel has changed over the years, from beginning as the Swamp Fox to the sweeping resort it is today.

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Worker 1: The Swamp Fox was here in 1967. Out front of the hotel were four pools and we only had one indoor pool, but during Hurricane Hugo, it wiped out all the pools. Hugo actually exploded the pools from the bottom up. 

Worker 2: The bottom floor facing the ocean, which is now called the Schooner, it had about a foot of sand into the rooms. All the rooms; two sides that still exist, it was the Swamp Fox. Which would be the oceanfront and the side view. Now we have guests that come that will only stay in those rooms. Guests would come in, it was more or less a one-on-one or a family relationship. They knew you, you knew t hem, you k new the family. If you were at the Swamp Fox, you continued to be a part of the Swamp Fox. For the simple reason it was like family-oriented. And everybody knew one another.  

Worker 1: Sometimes the servers don’t understand why when people come in they say, “well I want Jennifer”, I’m like it’s nothing personal, but they know me from back then. And I’ve changed a lot since back then, but I’m still Jennifer. It was a more personable because they would take your name and your number and you say oh they’re not going to call and they stay in contact with you. Like now, I still get cards from people that I haven’t seen in 10 years. And they send me Christmas cards all the time. When Compass Cove came in, a lot of big changes I mean in it upgraded the hotel itself and it gave us 27 different pools and that it made it exciting for families because they wanted to bring the kids. And then a couple of years ago they flew in the submarine pool.  And it was like, that was just the hype of everything because now that’s what people are looking for: the water parks, the slides. Two years ago, then they added the two water slides and believe it or not now, December we have people on the waterslides. 


worker 2: It’s like a family.

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