Brittain Rewards - Explore with Free Attraction Tickets

We're Adding onto the Fun!

At Compass Cove Resort, our mission is to provide our guests with the best overall vacation we can and to do so, we have introduced our latest amenity in the form of the Brittain Rewards. This exciting program allows all guests to take advantage of great money saving extras, simply for choosing to vacation with us. Like area attraction tickets to some of Myrtle Beach’s finest and more. We did the math and each one of these exclusive perks adds up to $100’s in savings. So if you haven’t already booked, do so now to take full advantage of this amazing offer and make your vacation experience one to remember.

Each season, Brittain Rewards will offer complimentary admission to some of Myrtle Beach’s famous attractions each day. Check out our upcoming seasons and plan your next getaway today.

SUMMER: May 28th - Sept 6th

FALL: Sept 7th - Dec 3rd

WINTER: Dec 4th - Mar 4th


Just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Our local attractions are guaranteed to keep you and your family entertained no matter the season. Check back with us soon for our Spring rewards.

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