Warning: These 5 Myrtle Beach Buffets Are Tough to Walk Away From

All you can eat.


Those four words are glorious when you’re on a Myrtle Beach vacation. Your favorite getaway spot has plenty of options for the multi-plate meal. We’ve picked a few of our favorite nosh spots.


Wear your comfy pants, and heed this advice …

Tips for a Stellar Buffet Experience

  • Sit Far From the Buffet. Face your chair away from the food. You’ll make fewer tips, but better choices. Why? You won’t be thinking about what to get next (rather than about what’s on your plate.)
  • Don’t Layer Your Food on a Plate. Be mindful of portion size. Take your time. Aim for small portions for better variety.
  • Tip. It’s different from a sit-down meal, but 10% to a server taking care of you most is nice.

5 Unbelievable Grand Strand Buffets

Captain George's Seafood Restaurant

Hit this laid-back, seafaring buffet that also serves your favorite sides and steaks. What you get will always be delicious, it’s got a great vibe and excellent service. They’re across from Broadway at the Beach. Check the website for times for first-catch servings.


Captain Benjamin's Calabash Seafood Buffet

It’s a dining experience you won’t soon forget, a nautical feel to seafood and southern favorites. Seafood aficionados will find one of the freshest selections at Captain Benjamin’s. Find a coupon on the restaurant’s website and enjoy!



Crabby George's Calabash Seafood Buffet

Grub like a pirate (with steak options too), fantastic and plentiful. It’s the kind of seafood joint you might find yourself visiting more than once on your Myrtle Beach getaway. Enjoy calabash-style cuisine at its finest, with more than 120 items on the line.


Osaka Sushi Buffet

Take a diversion from the calabash. Check out this Chinese-centric buffet, plus sushi and meats. You’ll find a great selection of food, and the hibachi choices are a nice addition, made to order. The secret sauce: secret sauces, which make your dinner remarkable.


Sushi at a buffet

Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet No. 2

It’s another example of seafood and southern fare in a restaurant decorated in a marine motif. Enjoy all-you-can-eat crab legs, refreshed often for hot and fresh results. Bennett’s has been a Grand Strand staple for 40 years, and no trip to Myrtle Beach is complete without a visit to the buffet.


Compass Cove Pinnacle Oceanfront King Suite Living Room

A Nice Place to Rest After the Buffet? Compass Cove Resort

This resort offers perfect views and amenities that lead to many happy stays. You’ll find excellent on-site dining and a wonderful breakfast each morning. Choose your dates and room types and book a getaway today.


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