The Grand Strand Has Become a Sensory-Friendly Destination

Myrtle Beach businesses encourage families with sensory-affected children to feel comfortable visiting. The city has earned honors for actions in popular places for specific needs. Many attractions include programs or company procedures to acclimate families with sensory needs. 


Pick up a CAN Card at the Myrtle Beach Welcome Center. It’s unique to the Grand Strand and is short for Champion Autism Network. Families can use it for many valuable extras, such as:

  • Curbside hotel check-ins
  • Jumping to the front of the line
  • Obtaining private seating
  • Receiving expedited service at a restaurant


There is a focus on others on the autism spectrum in many locations. Here is what companies have to offer families with specific sensory needs.

Angelo’s Steaks & Pasta

The owner wants to deliver an exceptional experience for all.

WHAT THEY DO: Call ahead, and the staff will watch out for your family’s every need. That’s a perk, at one of Myrtle Beach’s most celebrated eateries! Angelo’s lives up to the claim of serving the “Greatest Steaks in the Universe.” 

ADVICE: Provide delightful distractions for your kids during dinner. Suitable toys, coloring books, and crayons are ideal. Request breadsticks or crackers.

Savannah's Playground

One constant in this park: Kids of all ages have a blast!


WHAT THEY DO: Provide ADA-approved equipment and structures. It’s a safe environment for children of all abilities. The park is named in honor of Myrtle Beach resident Savannah Thompson. Come check out the Crabtree Gymnasium, Harmony Musical Park, and more.


ADVICE: Bring babies and toddlers. The playground is inclusive of all children and all ages, so your teens will love it, too.

Sensory Friendly Jump at Big Air - Myrtle Beach

This park strikes a chord with many parents!


WHAT THEY DO: Offer a wide variety of play options for kids, from climbing to zip-lining. Want a CAN-certified hour of jump time, at a discount? You’ve got it, at Big Air.


ADVICE: Bring items that support your child’s peaceful feelings. Suggestions include noise-canceling headphones and beloved stuffed toys.


Star Academy’s Open Play

Pop into this fun spot in North Myrtle Beach for some climbing, jumping, sliding, and swinging!


WHAT THEY DO: Provide plenty of safe, open play. There’s a foam pit, a climbing wall, and sensory panels. Kids can play with blocks and puzzles, and read books. The “chill out” rooms have comfy seating and LED lights.


ADVICE: Kids might feel overwhelmed, even in a place created for them. Don’t hesitate to leave early if you see your child reaching this stage. Doing so before it’s too late will give your child, and you, more confidence next time.

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