Surfworks Is Coming To Myrtle Beach: Here’s What’s Happening

There’s a cool new water feature in the works for Myrtle Beach: Surfworks Adventure Park.

The centerpiece for the park, due to open in 2022: Wavegarden Cove technology in the pool to create waves. It’s already in place in similar parks in Australia and England. Waves can be of various sizes and strengths, some strong enough for surfing.

Myrtle Beach’s surf community and tourists who come to the area to learn to surf drew in American Surf Parks, who is building the park. Because the continental shelf slopes gently in Myrtle Beach, it’s tough to get the rad waves you need to surf. Enter Surfworks.

Who Is American Surf Parks?

In 2016, American Surf Parks partnered with Colliers International to explore Myrtle Beach. Their assumptions were correct: The region was prime for a surf park. Myrtle Beach is the first in what they hope are many locations.

How Did They Come Up With This Idea?

From the outset, American Surf Parks got involved with Wavegarden. They tested out the Cove, Wavegarden’s newest technology. The Cove was above and beyond what any other man-made surf creator could produce in waves per hour.

Is It All About the Waves?

No. Other technologies will come into play at the park, and Wavegarden builds a high-capacity lagoon that doesn’t cast a large footprint. Its modular system doesn’t have a single point of failure and sits above the water to make it easy to maintain.

Outside entrance at Surfworks

What Can We Expect Outside The Water?

The place isn’t for surfers only — there will be an open-air restaurant on the second floor of the main building with great lagoon views. There will also be a two-story cantina with an onsite brewery. Other features include:

Adventure Lagoon

You’ll find a pool, slip n’ fly slide, pool climbing wall, and diving platform, among other fun things.


It’s the perfect place to chill. Park it in our unique rentals — you’ll find them on the quiet side of the park.


There’s no excuse to let hunger lead to a wipeout. Try a distinctive adult beverage and some chow while the fam rides the waves.

Caver Skate Park

Drop by and show what you can do on land, too.


No need to leave the little ones behind. There’ll be a place for kids in the main building.

Covered Viewing Pier

Get a birds-eye view of all the action. Find your crew on the waves or just check out the skills of other visitors.

Snack Shack

Hit the deck for tasty bites and a seaside menu. You won’t miss any of the action up here.

Splash Pad

A unique water playground built for kids of all ages to cool it.

Volleyball Courts

Gather the team and challenge friends on the court. Or just relax and cheer on the players.

Training Tents

One each for beginners and seasoned surfers. Catch some lessons before your maiden voyage, with tips from knowledgeable staff. Get pointers if you’ve surfed before that can take you to master status.

The park will also work with the City of Myrtle Beach on a five-acre, 10,000-capacity amphitheater. Especially after the pandemic subsides, it’ll host concerts and surf events.

Is There Anything Else Like This?

The only two places even close are in Australia and England. There’s another in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, that has begun construction. Another company is spearheading that one, called The LineUp. It’s in the Wai Kai waterfront at the Hoakalei Resort in West Oahu and will open in 2022.

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