Share Your Summer Experience at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort in Photo/Caption Contest

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Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort is much more than a great place to spend your Myrtle Beach vacation; it's also a tight-knit community where friendships and memories are made.

Located on the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach and featuring first-class amenities and accommodations, Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort is the perfect setting for a fun vacation. And now, with our “Summertime Fun” photo and caption contest, guests can earn bonuses and discounts on future visits by sharing their summer experiences before Sept. 28.

It's already been an awesome summer filled with fun in the sun, but there's still time to soak up every last drop in the month of September. Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort offers savings of up to 35 percent off, so book your farewell to summer vacation today. Be sure to snap plenty of pics and share them on the Flip To contest page and social media.

Here are some of our favorite shares so far from recent guests:

“We loved the resort location because everything we wanted to visit was easily accessible! We loved the pools, especially the children's pool.”

The good news: Compass Cove is close and convenient to everything. The bad news: Our pools and amenities are so awesome that you may not feel like leaving the resort.

“We had a blast at the Compass Cove! We had family and friends that came and stayed at the CC too. Everyone had an amazing time. So much to do. Definitely recommend this resort to any and everyone I talk too.” – Holly T.

Thanks for coming and spreading the word, Holly.

“To be so relaxed and to be able to wake up with the sun; actually see it rise from the horizon was an amazingly beautiful thing.” – Kimberly F.

That's right, Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort guests have a front-row seat to the best show in town, and it happens daily.

“Compass Cove knows how to get you to relax!” – Karin S.

That’s why we call it the Lazy River.

“This was our 38th stay at Compass Cove over the past 40 years and it was as enjoyable as ever! The panoramic view of the pools and ocean from our balcony is just wonderful! The pool decks, including the shuffleboard, Tiki Hut and entertainment always make it a memorable experience.” – James K.

A happy guest is a repeat guest.

“Our first time there and we absolutely love it!” – Stephanie H.

Great, now you only need to visit 37 more times to catch up to James K.

“When you can’t bring home with you, Compass Cove was well equipped to help!” – Adriana M.

Glad we could give you a boost.

“Our home away from home.” – Tina H.

Thanks, Tina. That's what we're shooting for.

“My kids really enjoyed this vacation. It has been one of our best ones. Nothing like walking out of your hotel to the ocean. Wonderful!” – Christina S.

Best backyard ever.

“She was so excited to know she could go swimming even if it was cold outside.” – Brittany W.

Rain or shine, it's always pool time at Compass Cove.

“During our first vacation to Myrtle Beach this summer, I asked my best friend to marry me on the beach in front of the resort. This vacation was a million times better than what we expected.” – Matthew W.

Good luck and be sure to bring your future kids so they can see where you popped the question.

“Hands down the best resort in Myrtle Beach.” – Melissa R.

Thanks, Melissa. We humbly agree.

Thanks for all your responses and please keep them coming. Not only can you earn lots of perks for your next visit, but we love hearing from our guests and sharing in their experiences. Come see us soon at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort and please keep in touch through social media and our contest page.