Myrtle Beach Spring Vacation? Here’s What to Know

The enthusiasm is tangible, isn’t it?


There are chilly days ahead, but a spring trip to Myrtle Beach is closer every day. It’s a rite of passage to many, but to some, this spring will mark their first Grand Strand adventure. 


Here’s a guide to doing it right.

Travel Tips for Spring

  1. Book Early. Secure your accommodations now to ensure you get the room type you want, at the resort you want. You’re not the only one dreaming!
  2. Schedule ‘White Space.’ That means, don’t book up your whole vacation. Leave some time to be.
  3. Make a Plan, Though. Research things you’d like to do. Are the Myrtle Beach Pelicans in town during your stay? This post is a good place to start.

Spring Getaway Guide to Myrtle Beach: WHAT TO EXPECT


MARCH: Highs: Mid-60s. Lows: Mid-40s. You might feel comfortable enough in shorts, but pack jeans and a hoodie, too. Bring warm pajamas.

Make sure to … hit Broadway at the Beach for a little indoor, a little outdoor fun, and shopping. 

APRIL: Highs: Low-70s. Lows: Low-50s. Shorts and T-shirts, but still bring the sweatshirt and jeans. Toasty pajamas are still in play.

Make sure to … take a $20 helicopter ride way above the beach.

MAY: Highs: Upper-70s. Lows: Low-60s. Highs: Upper-70s. Lows: Low-60s. Swimwear! At least for beach activity (not ocean swimming.) Cool jammies.

Make sure to … visit the legendary Gay Dolphin Gift Shop.

Plus, you’re talking about five days max of rain per month. What to do if it rains while you’re here?

  1. Check out a movie
  2. Grab some sushi and hibachi
  3. Get some retail therapy


This will be an interesting spring for visitors. Travelers seem eager to branch out and get back to normal. Yet the latest COVID-19 strain appears to be troublesome. Expect bigger weekend crowds, so if you can visit during the week, do it. You could:

  1. Take on an escape room
  2. Rock out at The Bowery
  3. Enjoy a Riptydz Burger and Million Dollar View Mega Mason


Many attractions and businesses stay open year-round on the Grand Strand. Others are waiting for warmer weather. Check websites or call ahead for the must-do activities you’ve been waiting all winter for. Here’s what to do on and off the beach:



  1. Shrimp and barbecue ribs on the patio
  2. Oceanside wine tasting
  3. A day exploring Huntington Beach State Park



  1. Indulge in incredible fondu
  2. Brave the zombie experience
  3. Check out the St. Patrick’s Day parade
wine tasting

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