Life on the Water for Adrenaline Junkies in Myrtle Beach

Life on the water is sweet in Myrtle Beach. Sit seaside and relax to the sound of the waves. Float without a care near the shore. Or …

Find something that’ll get your adrenaline pumping.

The Grand Strand has plenty of ways to increase your beats per minute by leaps and bounds on the water. Thrill-seekers know this place is also awesome for high-speed, high-excitement fun.

How to Push Your Adrenaline in Myrtle Beach
Try Parasailing

It’s a thrill enhancer and a stress reliever and leaves your total well-being in a good place. You’re pulled behind a truck or boat at high speeds, attached to a line and parachute. This lifts you high above the waves for an experience and views unmatched!

Where to Parasail in Myrtle Beach

Express Watersports

This equipment rental service is out of Murrells Inlet and has a friendly and helpful staff for you. Parasail, take out jet skis, ride the banana boats … it’s all a blast with Express Watersports.

Girls in Lifejackets on Beach
Try Riding a Speed Boat

You don’t have to be a seasoned boater to have high-speed fun in Myrtle Beach. You can ride on a speed boat and experience the thrill of 360s, 180s, and fishtails with an expert. These boats have a flat-bottom hull and 410 horsepower Corvette engine.

Where to Ride a Speed Boat in Myrtle Beach

Beach Rider Jet Boats

Everyone who visits Broadway at the Beach should hop in one of these boats for an adrenaline rush. This 5-to-7-minute ride is great for all ages, and you won’t even get soaked in the process.

Try Riding a Jet Ski

There aren’t many places to experience going from zero to 60 in seconds, but this is one you can’t pass up. Jet skis are a pulse-pounding, full-throttle way to enjoy Myrtle Beach. Feel the sea breeze on your face and see your favorite vacation place from a cool new perspective.

Where to Rent a Personal Jet Ski in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Watersports

You’ll have the best time, whether renting for recreation or taking a guided dolphin tour. You’ll want to make jet skis part of all your Grand Strand getaways after one experience.

Jet Ski
North Beach Banana Boat
Try Riding a Banana Boat

Especially for a group ride, banana boats can be a blast much like you get on a jet ski, at a lower speed. As many as 10 fun-seekers can hop on this banana-shaped tube behind a speed boat for an unforgettable ride. It’s a fun way to clamber over waves and dash through the surf with your family.

Where to Ride a Banana Boat in Myrtle Beach

Ocean Watersports

For awesome family fun, and a great way to hit start on your summer excursion together. This outfit also offers jet ski rentals, parasailing, and more.

Rest Up at Compass Cove Resort

If you’ve stayed at Compass Cove, you know how wonderful it is — and all you need for your Myrtle Beach getaway. You’re in for an awesome time in this safe, comfortable, family resort. Enjoy plenty of pool options in what is sure to become your favorite place to stay on the Grand Strand. Check out specials and a slew of amenities at Compass Cove Resort and book your stay today.

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