Leading Beach Reads for Your Fall Trip

Most beach lovers will agree: A good read is a MUST for your trip.


You get distraction-free reading time with the perfect background noise — the ocean. It feels like beach reads hit you a bit harder, in a good way. You’re taking in a story where the sea, the land, and the sky all meet.


Here are a few to consider tossing in your beach bag this fall.

Tips for Picking a Beach Read

Any respectable book junkie will consider the hottest reads of the season. Then, make their choice based on how cool the cover is! Here is advice on settling in on a title.

  1. Grab a page-turner

Does the story hook you with drama and relatable characters? If there is life or social commentary that resonates with you, it’ll also become appealing.

  1. Nab something light

Escapist storylines fit into the fall beach trip. They’re something you can immerse yourself in. A mesmerizing plot also moves the beach-read needle.

  1. Choose one that gives you balance

You’re at the beach to recharge. If you’re so distraught over the state of the world, you need a good read more than ever! Go for the coolest cover art.

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Judge These Beach Reads by Their Cover

Consider this but a small directory of beach-worthy books. But a good one.

“The Ugly Cry: A Memoir” - Danielle Henderson

A story the critics call “powerful and energetic” is tough to beat.


STORYLINE: Podcaster and TV writer Danielle Henderson outlines her childhood. Read about her struggles fitting in being uncool and not looking like other girls.


BEACH-READ WORTHINESS: Henderson writes about the fierce and honest grandmother who raised her. The witty and honest portrayal strikes all the feelings of life with grief and passion.

“Cover Story” - Susan Rigetti

Read this book by the pool and you’ll forget to swim.


STORYLINE: Aspiring and struggling writer Lora Ricci interns with heiress Cat Wolf. She quits school to become Cat’s ghostwriter, and that’s where the adventure begins.


BEACH-READ WORTHINESS: “Inventing Anna” fans will love this story. Lora’s subpar college career careens into a rich and anxiety-ridden series of scams. It’s a rollercoaster of a plot.

“One Italian Summer” - Rebecca Serle

Will Katy regret taking this trip to Italy without her mother?


STORYLINE: Her dear mother passes away before their daughter-mother vacation. Katy’s lost her best friend, and her marriage is on the rocks. When she visits the Amalfi Coast, it’s a journey of discovery — and self-discovery.


BEACH-READ WORTHINESS: Serle’s storytelling is unforgettable. This uncommon love story captures weaknesses and the power of desire. And, and how that makes people so human.

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