Hit the Target, Tackle Trivia, and More on the Grand Strand

When you look in the mirror, do you see a winner?


Come dominate trivia or hit the bull’s eye a few times, and we bet you will. (Even if you don’t win, you’re still bound to have a blast. And you’re definitely still a winner!) Myrtle Beach has a few opportunities to get your competitive spirits flowing.


So give your everything, and don’t forget to stretch (yes, even for trivia!)

1. Final Answer? Test Your Brain at Trivia

Being skilled at trivia is healthy for you. You get the dopamine rush as with gambling but without the monetary risk. On Tuesdays, hit The Brass Tap for trivia and taco specials. Hit The Barrel Bar & Grill for trivia and bingo!


ADVICE: Listen for hints. They’re often built into the question. Any clues you pick up in a strange twist in phrasing will likely lead you to victory!

2. Right to the Point: Let’s Toss Darts

Who can resist taking aim at the bull’s eye? Throwing darts is fun, and anyone can do it. But not everyone can play like a champ! Hit Bar Louie in Broadway at the Beach for darts, martinis, and microbrews. Drifters Saloon is a great local spot for darts, cold beer, and watching the big game on the big screen.


ADVICE: Stand straight. Don’t lean forward too much. Throw the dart as you would a paper airplane, and release it from your hand all at once!

playing darts

3. Right up Your Alley: Big-Time Bowling Is Here

810 Billiards & Bowling in Market Common is the ultimate bowling experience. (That has lots to do with the delicious food, other game options, and Crazy Mason nearby.) It’s not expensive, great for a big group, and fun for all abilities. Play the classic bowling lanes at Myrtle Beach Bowl.


ADVICE: The right ball should feel comfortable in your hand, and should be about 10% of your body weight. The weight will help knock the pins down.

4. Behind the 8 Ball: Rack ‘Em up for Billiards

Whether you own a cue or will use the house’s, it’s awesome to find a suitable room to play pool. Every broken rack gives you a world of possibilities to challenge your mind and skills. Head to Sportsman Bar & Grill (4735 South Kings Highway), a cool hangout with reasonable prices on beer and games. There are lots of tables at Bubba’s Bar and Grill, too, a hot biker hangout.


ADVICE: Practice your grip while you lean over the table. You need not grip the cue too tightly. Doing so leads to the butt of the cue lifting on impact, leading to a less accurate shot. Light and consistent. Keep practicing!

5. Start Slinging: Can You Handle Axe Throwing?

It does not require much preparation, and anyone can do it. It’s fast-paced and taps into your barbarian side in a non-violent way. Even if you’re not a world-class athlete, you can have fun tossing axes at Jack Axe Throwing Myrtle Beach. It’s great for team-building or tool-tossing fun. 


ADVICE: Ensure no one is in front of you or within at least a 6-foot radius before you throw. Throw and retrieve axes together with your playmates.

Compass Cove Outdoor Pool Deck

You’re Here to Win: Don’t Be Shy About the Hottest Resort, Too

It’s a date: Your March getaway to Myrtle Beach needs to appear on the calendar! Choose Compass Cove Resort as your home base for all the wins you’re sure to rack up here. Even a quiet, relaxing stay is a victory here. With 23 pool features on-site and four dining options, you can celebrate in style at Compass Cove!

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