Go Bananas at 5 Myrtle Beach Karaoke Joints

If you had to describe a fun night in Myrtle Beach, it might involve laughter.

If you’re a karaoke lover, it might involve you being the center of attention (and laughter!) on stage. And that’s the allure of amateurs in the spotlight, belting out tunes with never a care in the world. There are a few joints on the Grand Strand where you can do exactly that.

Socializing, being silly, and singing your heart out are what it’s all about.

Tips for Singing Karaoke

If you had to construct a pleasing karaoke experience, here are elements you’d want to include:

  • Choose the perfect song. Gravitate toward the lively tune with clear words. It helps if it’s a song everyone knows so they can join in.
  • Practice it. You know what songs you like. Crank them up in the car, in the shower, wherever. Memorize the words so you can perform!

Grab a light snack. Nothing huge, just a little something. Karaoke on a full tummy isn’t great, but neither is it on an empty one!


When You Travel to Myrtle Beach, Hit These Karaoke Bars

Loud and proud. Let loose, then drop the mic.

1. Broadway Louie's

Make a dash to Broadway Louie’s for karaoke at its finest. You’ll have so much fun you might go back twice on one trip here! This non-smoking spot has amazing bartenders, even during a rush.

PRO TIP: Consider more than the chorus. Is there a long guitar solo when you’ll stand there? How good are you at rapping?

2. 8th Ave Tiki Bar & Grill

If your chief purpose for coming to Myrtle Beach is to play, you’re in the right place at 8th Ave Tiki Bar & Grill. They also have killer appetizers here, and you’ll love the decor — vintage tiki. Come for fun and a good meal, too.

PRO TIP: Use your power, and sing like you’re lifting something heavy. Get your legs under you, and keep your head rounded over the microphone, too.

3. Tin Roof

Bring your A-game to Tin Roof, because this place is a hot spot on the strip for any occasion. With incredible views and cool people, this place comes alive for live music nights. The drinks and food are top-notch, too.

PRO TIP: Hydration is key. Start your increased water intake 24 hours before you go on stage. If you lose a bet or decide to sing on a whim, wing it!

tin roof

4. Pop's Place

511 South Kings Highway | (843) 448-6033

Get up off the entertainment bench and into the fray at Pop’s Place. You’ll have a blast, and the regulars will make you feel at home. The karaoke DJ is great, too. Smoking is allowed, but the food and drinks are at nice prices, too.

PRO TIP: Keep the mic close to your mouth for a nice tone. For louder portions (or higher notes), pull the mic back a few inches.

5. Scores Sports Bar

3562 Northgate Drive | (843) 293-2582

It’s a good bet you’ll either have a great time with friends or make new ones at Scores. Or both! You’ll enjoy yourself there. How can you not? It’s a great atmosphere for laid-back fun. The attentive bar staff is wonderful.

PRO TIP: The way you become confident? Sing in front of crowds. And let it go! Don’t worry too much about results, only experience.

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