Expanded Flight Schedule Makes it Easy to Fly to Myrtle Beach for Summer Vacation

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Summer vacations at the beach used to involve long, hot car trips, impossible-to-fold road maps, endlessly boring games of “I Spy” and backseat territorial disputes between siblings.

Those days have changed with the advancement of air travel, particularly in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Sun Fun Capital, once predominantly a road destination, has grown into a popular spot for air travel. Millions of vacationers fly into Myrtle Beach every year, and those numbers continue to increase thanks to the expansion of the summer flight schedule.

During the peak summer months, visitors can fly direct from more than 50 different destination to Myrtle Beach International Airport, which was recently renovated to accommodate more airlines and passengers. Currently there are nine airlines providing service rom MTR, including American, Delta, United, Allegiant, Frontier, Porter, Spirit, Sun Country and WestJet.

The increase of direct flights also means improved service for connecting flights. Now visitors from the Northest, Midwest and even the West Coast are only a short flight away from the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach. Here’s a glance at the summer schedule for Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort guests to consider when deciding whether to drive or fly to Myrtle Beach:

Allegiant: This discount carrier has stepped up its number of direct flights to Myrtle Beach in recent years and now offers non-stop service from Allentown (PA), Cincinnati (OH) Clarksburg (WV), Cleveland (OH), Harrisburg (PA), Huntington (WV), Lexington (KY), Louisville (KY), Newberg/Stewart (NY), Pittsburgh (PA), Portsmouth (NH), St. Louis (MO,) and Syracuse (NY).

American: Serving five major destinations with direct flights, vacationers can fly or connect from Charlotte (NC), Chicago (IL), Dallas (TX), New York (NY), and Washington (DC).

Delta: Four direct flights and connecting service from major cities are offered to Myrtle Beach – Atlanta (GA), Detroit (MI), New York (NY) and Boston (MA).

Frontier: This West Coast Airline has served as a gateway for the other side of the country to discover the magic of Myrtle Beach with a direct flight from Denver (CO).

Porter: This Canadian Airline offers only one direct flight from Toronto (ON), but the international flight allows lots of Canadian snowbirds to migrate to Myrtle Beach.

Spirit: This discount carrier now offers 21 direct flights to Myrtle Beach – Atlantic City (NJ), Baltimore (MD), Boston (MA), Charleston (WV), Chicago (IL), Cleveland (OH), Columbus (OH), Dallas (TX), Detroit (MI), Latrobe (PA), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MN), New York (NY), Newark (NJ), Niagara Falls (NY), Orlando (FL), Philadelphia (PA), Pittsburg (PA), and Plattsburgh (NY).

Sun Country: Many Canadians and West Coast passengers use Sun Country’s direct flight from Mimmeapolis-St. Paul (MN) to reach Myrtle Beach.

United: Only two cities have direct flights to Myrtle Beach but both serve as major hubs for connecting flights – Chicago (IL) and Newark (NJ).

WestJet: Canadian snowbirds love this direct flight from Toronto (ON) to flock to Myrtle Beach during the summer months too.

Upon your arrival at Myrtle Beach International, guests discover a new, modern terminal with all the amenities of a major city airport. Best of all, it doesn’t take long to shift into vacation mode as Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort is only 2 miles from MYR. Visitors are only a short cab ride to the resort and can be sinking their toes in the sand in a matter of minityes after touch down. So book your flight and your stay at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort and enjoy all the Myrtle Beach vacation fun without any of the road trip hassle.