Discover Money-Saving Deals in Myrtle Beach

Set to save some money? Few of us can spend like there’s no tomorrow on anything, let alone a Myrtle Beach vacation. It’s great to get a deal to save some dough now and then. Deals allow many of us to get away at all, or at least to indulge a bit on a dinner or excursion. More savings, more fun. You can save, too, when you come to Myrtle Beach. Here’s how.


A few bucks here, 10% there … savings pile up quickly. And there are lots of options at Save on everything from game tokens to dining experiences. Check out the site to discover activities on the Grand Strand that are brand new to you.

Tips for Saving on Attractions

1. CHOOSE WISELY. Think about what you get for the price. Sometimes the ultimate ticket is perfect, but if you’d have a blast with a basic plan, buy it and save.

2. SHOP ELSEWHERE. At attractions, kids are drawn to the gift shop. Avoid it altogether and visit one of the shops all around the Grand Strand for souvenirs and savings.

3. SHARE MEALS. Meals at attractions can become costly. Snack before, and, if you must eat inside, split meals between family members to save.

arcade games


Restaurant coupons are abundant everywhere in Myrtle Beach. They’re as close as the lobby in your resort. Why pay full price for crab legs, oysters, pizza, and more? This site is loaded with printable coupons. Take a look before you venture out!

Advice for Restaurant Savings

1. SPLIT IT. Your food, that is. Ask for a take-out box when you order and bring half back to your room. It’ll be a bonus meal later.

2. GO OUT FOR HAPPY HOUR. It’s not just for cheap drinks (although who can resist?) Some Grand Strand eateries have discounts on yummy appetizers. Order a few for a tapas dinner.

3. SKIP SODA. It’s an immense expenditure in restaurants, usually at least $2.50. That’s $10 more for a family of four you could save by sticking to water.

Take home meal - pizza

Other Hints

1. SEEK OUT FREEBIES. Go bonkers in Myrtle Beach without blowing up your budget. It’ll cost you nothing to collect shells and sharks’ teeth. Walk the beach, window shop at Broadway at the Beach, or hit seafood festivals and food truck events. Also, Compass Cove Resort has so much to offer. From riding slides to grabbing a snack poolside, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.

2. DINE EARLY. Get in before the crowd sets in and save. Try specials at:

  • Angelo’s Steak & Pasta
  • Carolina Seafood & Steak
  • Chesapeake House
  • Crows Nest

3. STAY IN YOUR SUITE. You can book suites at Compass Cove Resort with kitchens. Prepare a dinner that you’ll make together in the room. Watch a movie and you have your regular family time as you do back home — only better, because you’re at the beach!

Smiling family on the beach

Find a Deal at Compass Cove Resort

Compass Cove Resort is the kind of property you’ll love so much, you won’t stay anywhere else. It’s clean, spacious, and full of nice and happy people. Plus, there’s so much to do close by, and it’s right on the beach. Golfers: Did you know you could save a bundle with a stay-and-play package? Check out the details and book a stay today.

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