Best Beach-Inspired Costumes for a Myrtle Beach Halloween

If you’re coming to Myrtle Beach for Halloween, you can’t slap on a mask and call it quits.


You have to bring it, Grand Strand style. We’re talking about beach-themed costumes. And you have some excellent choices.


Here are the five we predict will be the hottest of the season.

Tips for Choosing a Cool Halloween Costume

It’s the most straightforward holiday call: To dress up or not to dress up? Even as a grownup, you’re going to want to show out. Here’s some advice.

  • Don’t wait. A poll of costume buyers reveals that most can’t find what they’re looking for last minute. Whether you are splicing it together or buying a kit, do it early in the shopping season.

  • Check the weather. Look at the forecast a few days before and the day of. You can make adjustments for warm, cool, or rainy weather.

  • Go classic. Did you know 4.6 million grownups plan to be a witch every year? Keep this in mind if you need a last-minute costume or change.

The Best Beach-Themed Costumes for a Grand Strand Halloween

It’s Your Civic Duty to Show up Big for This Holiday! Here Are the Big Hitters for 2022 to Look Out For.

5. Tacky Tourist

You could raid the closet of your tacky aunt or eccentric uncle for all the props you need!


Who is he or she? Corny hats, Hawaiian shirts, a camera around his or her neck. They sure do enjoy a vacation, though.


Pro tip: Make it Myrtle Beach-themed with a T-shirt from your favorite restaurant. Toss on a Coastal Carolina bucket hat.

4. Tropical Fruit

Have the good fortune of traveling with others? You could have your own tropical fruit assortment.


Who is she? The best garnish for most beach drinks! Tropical fruit holds a special place in our hearts — and drinks.


Pro tip: Get as many people in costumes as you can for a girls’ weekend or a family getaway. You’ll win the group contest for sure!


3. Shark!

Everyone get out of the water! As you race to safety, check out how cool a shark costume can be for your Myrtle Beach Halloween.


Who is it? The ocean’s coolest creature. Sharks have been around for more than 450 years, and have survived five mass extinctions.


Pro tip: If your dog is in the Halloween spirit, try this do-it-yourself costume for a canine sidekick.

2. Mermaid

It’s a stroke of genius — a mythical figure for a mystical vacation.


Who is she? From Assyrian folklore in 1000 BC to Hollywood, mermaids have fascinated us for eons. You’ll flip over this costume, made or bought!


Pro tip: A mermaid costume isn’t tough to cobble together if you need to last minute. Mermaid leggings, a purple top, some makeup … you’re set.

1. Coco the Octopus

This favorite character from Compass Cove Resort makes the perfect Myrtle Beach costume.


Who is he? Coco the Octopus is the mascot of Compass Cove Resort. This eight-legged, soft-bodied mollusk is happy as a clam.


Pro tip: Wear black pants or tights and shoes. It will look like there’s nothing beneath you!


Slip Into Halloween Mode and Come Stay at Compass Cove

Let your pursuit for a fun fall bring you to Compass Cove. For a family vacation with the grands or a weekend getaway with your spouse, it’s amazing! Enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach, pools, and a seaside restaurant.



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