5 Places to Book a Yoga Session on Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Some parts of life you want to take with you when you go on vacation. No, not traffic. We’re thinking about restorative things, such as yoga.


The Grand Strand has a wealth of locations you can put down your mat while on your coastal escape.


It’s easy to book an appointment and not miss a beat. In fact, practicing yoga on vacation is likely even a better experience for something new. Plan some time on your next getaway.

Why Yoga is Beneficial

Mental clarity, calmness, and body awareness. These are just a few of the benefits of spending time in your practice. Yogis enjoy reduced stress, a clearer sense of self, and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

1. Om Yoga - Shanti Yoga Studio

Shanti presents a welcoming environment with a caring owner, Dawn Yager. Find a peaceful vibe in a gorgeous space, ideal for a fulfilling session. Skilled instructors deliver compassionate instruction from the Kriya yoga tradition.


2. Real Hot Yoga

Boost calories burned in an easy-to-schedule hot yoga session. You’re in for a great experience, especially if you book a private class with an instructor. It’s perfect for a bachelorette weekend or to elevate tranquility on your getaway. It’s a fitness experience of challenging classes for invigoration.

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio

3. Sacred Yoga Tribe

This studio excels at providing a recuperative experience and opening worlds of possibilities. Don’t be surprised if you discover a level of comfort once elusive prior to your visit. Join the studio Mondays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., for your first free Himalayan Sattva Yoga and meditation class.

4. Sadhana Yoga Shala

Amazing instruction is just the start, with a challenging, rewarding result ahead. Instructors excel at guiding students as they practice with injuries and achieve goals. This studio feels like home, and it’s sure to become a favorite respite on the Grand Strand.


5. Yoga in Common

You’ll marvel at the experience at Yoga in Common, where peace reigns and community shines. You’ll want to make a session or two here a part of every Myrtle Beach experience. Peruse classes and check the events calendar online. Download the app on the website and preregister for the classes that appeal most to you.

The heart of Myrtle Beach

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Find serenity at Compass Cove Resort, from amazing amenities to convenient beach access. For a girls’ weekend or a family vacation, enjoy a well-appointed, spacious condo. Plan your adventures by checking the events calendar and book your stay today.

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