5 Out-Of-Sight New Hobbies You Can Try in Myrtle Beach

Something new and cool is within reach for you in 2023.


The new year is a suitable time to pick up a new hobby. And why not choose one that lets you escape to the beach as part of it? These are also great for physical and mental health.


And all take place outdoors, which is also a proven benefit.

Fun Facts About Hobbies

There’s a contrast between work and fun for a reason. Hobbies are a pleasant escape, but also a chance to sharpen other skills.

  1. They can improve your life. Unwind, but engage your brain. Many hobbies can lower the risk of hypertension and other health concerns.
  2. They can benefit others. Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back. Your friends can benefit if you take up something like homebrewing.
  3. They give us pleasure. Often, they’re referred to as passions. Especially if your work and passions don’t align, a hobby is a fitting outlet.

Your Search for a Beach-Based Hobby Is Over

Consider a hobby that challenges you. Here are some ideas.

1. Learn to Sail

If you’ve ever dreamed of the peace and quiet of the open sea, you owe it to  yourself to try this out. 


What to do first: No need to rush out to your first in-person lesson. Take a course online to familiarize yourself with sailing and determine whether you want to take the next step. This one is American Sailing Association certified.


Recommended: When you’re ready to get started, check out Downwind Sails. After this course, you’ll be sailing one of their Hobie Cats in the Atlantic.

2. Learn to Surf

One way to escape the crowd: ride a wave. For many, it’s the most enjoyable way to get close to nature. And what an exciting way to do it.


What to do first: Decide whether to buy or rent a board as you learn. Most beginners start with foam or soft-top boards, 7 to 9 feet long.


Recommended: Hang 10 with Kokopelli Surf Camp. Their experienced staff can customize your lessons to your experience level.


3. Take up Beach Yoga

Rough seas in your life? Hit the mat. Yoga helps to offset all that. Combine that with the serenity of the sea, and you have Nirvana.


What to do first: Take your mat to the beach. Find a flat spot and practice as you would at home or in your hometown studio.


Recommended: Take a class just minutes from SkyWheel, at Ocean Yoga with Kseniia. Sunrise, sunset, and even free sessions are available.

4. Give Deep-Sea Fishing a Shot

Who could blame you for wanting to spend a day on the water? Add in the challenge of humankind vs. beast, and it’s a great day at the beach.


What to do first: Research charter options in Myrtle Beach. Consider the weather before you book. Charters go out nearly year-round.


Recommended: Book a charter with Captain Jordan Pate and Myrtle Beach Guide Service – Fishing Charters. Think big with a shark or tarpon charter.

5. Take up Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese art is where meditation and motion meet. It fosters tranquility through soft movements that activate the body and mind.


What to do first: Take an in-person class rather than one offered online. Shaolin Kung Fu Studios offers sessions you can take on vacation.


Recommended: Invest in Tai Chi shoes, which let you connect with the earth. They’re softer than everyday shoes, like moccasins.

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