5 Ideas for the Best Myrtle Beach TikTok Videos

Make TikTok travel videos of Myrtle Beach more memorable using Compass Cove Resort’s mascot Coco to show off the beach, attractions, and delectable cuisine. First, stop by the Harbor Gift Shop to get your own Coco plush toy to feature in every fun vacation video you make. Then keep your eyes peeled for the real Coco greeting kids and having fun throughout your stay, and record clips of this friendly octopus sidekick in action to use along with your stuffed animal footage. Posing the loveable plush Coco lounging on the sand, playing mini golf, or watching the sunrise from a local pier makes your social feeds extra interesting for family, friends, and followers. 


Here are five ideas for 60-second clips featuring Coco to make the best Myrtle Beach TikTok videos.

1. TikTok Boardwalk Tour

Compass Cove in Myrtle Beach is less than three miles from the famed Boardwalk downtown, which happens to be one of the best spots to film a TikTok tour. Make your video simply by walking along the promenade, stopping occasionally to capture Coco with the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel or any of the other can’t-miss attractions on the Boardwalk. Speed up the video during editing to give your fans a fast-motion glimpse of this popular area. Add stickers, funny commentary, and focus the final shot on the beautiful oceanfront to give your tour an envy-inducing ending.

2. TikTok Montage of the Myrtle Beach Oceanfront

While the indoor and outdoor pools and water attractions at Compass Cove Resort are popular spots to snap vacation photos, there’s nothing quite like TikTok travel videos you make on the oceanfront. Grab your beach gear and plush pal Coco and head to the beach, just steps outside of Compass Cove Resort. Accessorize your shots with shades, a beach towel, and sunblock. Your kids will love building a sandcastle around Coco and including him in your beach day fun. Stitch your stills together on TikTok and choose a catchy beach tune to get your followers into vacation mode right along with you.

coco & friends

3. TikToks with Celebrities

TikTok videos of your very own Coco from the Compass Cove gift shop  enjoying the celebs at the Hollywood Wax Museum is a silly, playful idea, and you can even challenge followers to find your octopus pal in every shot. Invite your family to find creative poses for Coco next to each A-lister. Use props to make this loveable octopus accept an Academy Award, play a sport, or reenact a scene from a movie. A mixture of short videos and closeups of Coco with your family and all the big stars gives you plenty of footage for a one-of-a-kind TikTok.

4. Myrtle Beach FoodTok

Whether it’s trending dishes, recipe hacks, or tastings, “foodtok” on TikTok is extremely popular, so take Coco out to eat and start filming! There are so many extraordinary restaurants in Myrtle Beach just minutes from Compass Cove. Capture a shot of Coco next to a huge stack of flapjacks at any of the extraordinary breakfast restaurants in Myrtle Beach. Visit a dinner theater like Pirate’s Voyage, an interactive dining experience just 10 miles from Compass Cove Resort. Snap pictures of Coco with any of the cunning pirates before the show begins, and show your plush toy extra-stuffed following the four-course meal. Nacho Hippo, an eatery just 10 minutes from Compass Cove in The Market Common, is known for its large, photo-worthy portions. Bring Coco to snap him eyeing a pile of chips, delving into churros, or sipping on a huge 32-ounce Margarita.

5. A TikTok of Attractions Near Compass Cove Resort

There are endless things to do near Compass Cove Resort, so keep your camera rolling as you check out all of them. Travel recommendations are hot TikTok topics, especially if your video captions include pros and cons to give followers the inside scoop. The best part is, Compass Cove is mere minutes from all the top attractions in Myrtle Beach so you can feature many entertaining places, without a lot of hassle. Locations to consider include:


  •  Myrtle Beach mini golf courses (0.8 miles to 5.6 miles)
  • Family Kingdom Amusement Park (1.6 miles)
  • 2nd Avenue Pier (1.9 miles)
  • WonderWorks Myrtle Beach (4.9 miles)
  • Dave & Buster’s Arcade (5.3 miles)

Stay at Compass Cove Resort

See what makes Myrtle Beach one of the best family destinations for getaways and plan your vacation to Compass Cove Resort today. The endless on-site amenities and ‘surprise’ Coco appearances promise to entertain you, your family, and your social media followers day after day. Look for rate specials to get the best deal on Compass Cove’s hotel rooms, and get ready for fun in the sun.

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