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Spending Valentine’s Day with Kids in Myrtle Beach

Spending Valentine’s Day with Kids in Myrtle Beach

There's nothing like a weekend retreat to Myrtle Beach to celebrate Valentine's Day; just you, your spouse ... and the kids.

That's right, those romantic Valentine's Day getaways are few and far between once you add a few little ones to the mix. Suddenly, that candlelit dinner becomes a fast-food drive-through window and a night out at the movies involves Disney princesses and talking toys.

But that doesn't mean you can't have a good time on Valentine's Day in Myrtle Beach with the kids in tow. A little good, clean fun for the little ones can help create some romance for the grownups. Plus, if you can successfully manage to wear out the rug rats, perhaps with a long swim session at the Compass Cove indoor pools, they will eventually fall asleep.

Here's a list of five fun things to do with kids on Valentine's Day:

* Hollywood Wax Museum: Rub elbows with all the big-name celebrities at Myrtle Beach's version of a red-carpet rollout. Featuring life-sized wax figures of some of the brightest entertainment stars, Hollywood Wax Museum gives your group the chance to take selfies with icons like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. For the grownups, older icons such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe are also on the celebrity A-list. Post pictures to your Facebook page and your friends will think you are in L.A.

* Melting Pot: A romantic dinner doesn't have to be stuffy and formal; it can also be fun, especially for the kids. This fondue-style bistro allows guests to prepare their own four-course feast in the cooking kettles attached to each table. Let the kids get into the act by simmering their own steak and shrimp in boiling broth or dipping fruit into a fountain of chocolate. Be sure to take home to doggie bag so you and your spouse can enjoy a late-night snack after the little ones go to bed.

* Myrtle Beach Marathon: The 18th annual event runs through the streets of downtown Myrtle Beach, right past Compass Cove on Ocean Boulevard. Patrons line the race route and root for the runners, and a huge after-party is held at the Myrtle Beach Pelicans Ballpark at Broadway at the Beach. Listen to live music, sample local cuisine and watch courageous runners go the 26.2-mile distance and cross the finish line at this free event. Also check out the 1-mile Family Fun Run on Friday.

* Ripley's Aquarium: Experience the wonders of the sea at this popular attraction. Located at Broadway at the Beach, this underwater world lets guests get up close and personal with some of the scariest creatures in the sea, such as sharks, piranha and barracuda. The kids can pet the stingrays and pick up the horseshoes crabs at the many interactive exhibits. Special shows include fish feedings, mermaids and lectures on various species. The highlight is a ride on the moving walkway through Danger Reef and hundreds of sharks.

* SkyWheel: The centerpiece of Myrtle Beach's skyline is the SkyWheel, a 190-foot neon structure that lights up the downtown district. This high-tech Ferris wheel is the tallest of its kind on the East Coast and features enclosed, climate-controlled gondolas that offer panoramic views of Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a great opportunity for photo ops, and you might even be able to sneak in a kiss while the kids are pressing their foreheads against the glass. Located near the middle of the 1.2-mile Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, this is a great chance to see the city from the sky and at ground level.


(Posted: 1/26/15)

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