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Johnny Rockets provides nostalgia, fun and food

Johnny Rockets provides nostalgia, fun and food

Good times never have a hard time rolling at Johnny Rockets.
The retro dining experience is a slice of Americana, beloved as apple pie.

Old-timey jukeboxes pump out classic tunes as employees shake, rattle and roll to songs cherished by generations – anthems and doo-wop ditties usually from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and occasionally the 1980s and the 1990s.

Johnny Rockets has comfy bar stools outlined in shiny metal, cushiony booths with red vinyl, chrome accents throughout, checkerboard floors and other nostalgic décor reminiscent of soda shops and diners that defined eateries of the 1950s.

The food is simple and sensational. Fresh hamburgers with crisp iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and other delightful toppings share menu space with grilled chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, traditional desserts and other hard-to-resist eats lure customers in like kids are drawn to candy.

If typical American fare served up in a tasty, irresistible way is your weakness, you should stay far away from Johnny Rockets.

Johnny Rockets is where your soul can get loose and your stomach can get full. Here is where dance, song and sustenance coexist without any trepidation and plenty of kinetic anticipation.

The Grand Strand is fortunate enough to have two locations, each of which are situated at esteemed tourist favorites: Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing.

Each, of course, has the signature trademarks of Johnny Rockets.

First of all, you simply won’t see sadness on the faces of employees because happiness is at home here. Every member of the crew is cheerful, with some being downright giddy, because of the gig they have. They are not your typical wait staff, hostesses and cooks – they are proprietors of happy feelings.

As customers enjoy the eatery’s quintessential shakes, malts, floats, hamburgers, Rocket Melts and other favorites, the employees sing and dance with high, contagious energy.
Customers can’t help but join in on the fun and inadvertently, be they young or old or somewhere in the middle, end up dancing off some of the calories enjoyed moments earlier.

Johnny Rockets, a franchise with locations around the world, never feels foreign to its fans. The atmosphere, the food and the fun have familiarity that easily makes anyone feel right at ease, regardless of whether you’d rather eat or get up on your feet to party. Either way, Johnny Rockets knows how to make your day.

A trip to the Barefoot Landing location of Johnny Rockets, 4712-A U.S. 17 S., may find you in front of the store doing a dance called “The Cupid Shuffle” with friends, family and strangers who quickly become instant buddies.

A visit to the location at Broadway At The Beach, 1216 Celebrity Circle, is also a place for continuous, spontaneous fun. You can watch wait staff feel the funk of the disco era while belting out “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees, or you may join them as they do a line dance to “Car Wash” by Rolls Royce.

No matter which you visit, be prepared to eat and enjoy an experience that is far out.

To find out more about Johnny Rockets, visit the website at:

You can also call the Myrtle Beach location at 843-488-8575, or you can call the North Myrtle Beach location at 843-361-0191.

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