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Historical Fun Facts with the Compass Cove Resort as the Swamp Fox.

Historical Fun Facts with the Compass Cove Resort as the Swamp Fox.

Compass Cove Resort has been a fixture in the Grand Strand since 1967.  The original name was Swamp Fox Motor Inn.  It was known to have the most oceanfront rooms in Myrtle Beach. 

The Swamp Fox was name in honor of General Francis Marion, South Carolina’s Revolutionary War hero, with a nickname of the Swamp Fox.  He was named this because he did most of his fighting in or near the swamps.  General Marion was born, lived, fought for freedom and died less than seventy-five miles from Myrtle Beach.  Having the Swamp Fox Motor Inn is just one way to remember General Marion and his love for the low country.

The oceanfront resort featured modestly priced rooms that ranged from off-season at $11 - $23/night and during summer season from $22-$33/night.  The resort is made up of three motel buildings and offered suites and efficiencies in our high-rise tower.

At that time, there were 2 indoor pools and 5 outdoor pools, a 'lazy river' ride, sauna and Jacuzzi for guests' enjoyment. They even started with a shuffleboard that was located next to the beach.  That court has been renovated but is in the same location. 

If you can believe this or not, the kids summer programs even were in full swing for 46 years. Of course one of the biggest draws for vacationers were the Entertainment and golf packages available.

The restaurant on property was known as Gabriel's Restaurant that was very popular and located on the second floor of the Tower building is the picturesque Ocean-view Lounge.  Today it is home to the Crow’s Nest and still has the amazing views.

One really cool thing that happened at the Swamp Fox Motor Inn was the visit from Vice President Gerald Ford. They were quite honored and excited that he was staying at the Motor Inn.

In 1998, the Swamp Fox Motor Inn went extensive renovations and became Compass Cove Resort.  Although the main areas of the building remain the same, many significant changes occurred. 

As you can see, such a great part of history lives on in Myrtle Beach as The Compass Cove Resort.  Many families have come back year after year and remain loyal guests here.

Posted 2/4/13

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