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Black River Outdoors, Seeing the Low-Country by Kayak

Black River Outdoors, Seeing the Low-Country by Kayak

Black River Outdoors will create an adventure you will not forget.  Only fifteen minutes from downtown Myrtle Beach you will arrive at the Waccamaw River.  This river is smooth as black silk, surrounded by towering cypress trees that are draped with Spanish moss.  You are greeted by the sounds of nature from the warblers and swallow-tailed kites circling above.

You can either do an adventure on your own by renting a canoe or kayak or book one of the several tours offered that are suited for your friends and family.

The different types of tours you can experience range between an Eco Guided Tour and also Guided Kayak Fishing Trips.  There are 5 different Eco-Tours to choose from including: 

1. Cypress Swamp Tour. 
2. Huntington Beach Salt Marsh
3. Georgetown Harbor History/Nature
4. Sandy Island Tour
5. Huntington Beach Birding Tour

The Cypress Tupelo Swamp Tour can either be a 2 hour or 4 hours tour. You will paddle the clear black waters that ebb and flow through wilderness cypress-tupelo swamps over sandbars and spreading through creeks to the hidden ponds of the 1300 acre Black River Nature Preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy. This is noted to be one of the most relaxing tours. You will stop and break for lunch on the longer tours.  Some of the wildlife you will see includes ducks, owls, beavers and otters, alligators, kingfishers, deer, wood storks and wild turkeys.

The Huntington Beach Salt Marsh Tour can either be a 2 hour or 4 hour tour. You will begin your paddle through the grass marshes and saltwater creeks from the sandy dunes of the state park, paddling past Drunken Jack Island and finally to a fresh-water lagoon where you just might see alligators sunning.
The Georgetown Harbor History and Nature Tour takes place in the evening for 2 hours. Enjoy learning the Southern Heritage of old plantation homes, paddling along the shores of Goat Island.

The Sandy Island Tour is either a 4-hour or 6-hour Tour.  Sandy Island is the largest undeveloped fresh water island on the East Coast.  There are 9,000 + acres for wildlife to call home.  Some you might see include herons, egrets, otters and alligators.

Huntington Beach Kayak and Walking Tour is a 6-hour adventure with 3-hours kayaking and 3-hours walking.  Huntington Beach State Park is considered by many to be the best birding site on the East Coast.  You will kayak along the salt marsh followed by a 3-hour walk along the Freshwater Lagoons.

Finally there is the Fishing Kayak Tour.  You will go where the fish are.  It is great to be where the big fish feed in the shallow creeks and inlets where power-boats can’t reach.  The guides will take you to the best fishing spots around.

If you are an experienced paddler, you can rent one for a day, or a week.  At no additional charge, your canoe & kayak rental will include: PFDs & paddles, thigh straps with surf kayak, jump seat for small child in tandem river kayak if requested, car top carrier & tie-down straps.

You can even have Black River Outdoors deliver and then pickup from certain locations for free.  You can call and check if your location is included.  Make sure to make advance reservations.

You can rent Canoes, solo kayaks, tandem kayaks, small trailer or large trailer.  Daily rates start from $35 per day with the 5th day free. 

What a great way to see and enjoy the outdoors.  This is definite family fun for everyone.  If you want more information, please visit

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