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Waterslide Fun

Get ready to have some fun with the two brand new waterslides that Compass Cove has for vacation fun.

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KID 1: The slide is really fun when you go down the yellow one; you zip down and you do all these cool swirls. It’s a dark, little hole that you go in and you can’t see anything, and you just go straight in the water. You get splashed up your face, up your nose and you get all that fun going up and down the slide. You keep going up and down and up down; it’s so much fun, I want to do it everyday.

KID 2: I like that it’s pitch black and you go so fast down it and it’s really exciting when you go down. And then at the end you go into a big pile of water.

KID 3: It goes super fast and it’s super fun.

KID 4: Yeah, both are really fun and both are really fast.

KID 3: It feels so good on a hot day.

KID 4:  You go up there and they say, “Do you want to go,” and we went and you go really fast. It turns pitch black, and then we slide – it’s really fun. I go up the stairs and I usually go on yellow because it goes super fast, it’s pitch black and it feels so cool.

KID 3: That was awesome!

KID 4: Awesome!

GUEST 1: They’re fast.

GUEST 2: They’re fast. They’re good.

GUEST 1: They’re fun.

GUEST 2: They’re dark.

GUEST 1: Yeah, you know when the end’s coming when you can see the light.

GUEST 2: They’re a lot of fun. The kids love them. I mean, we got here a year ago and we’ve been here three times already. We love it, there’s lots to do, you never get bored, lots of different people you meet.

GUEST 1: And right on the ocean. Everyone’s been everywhere, and there’s 23 pools and like 8,000 hot tubs.

GUEST 2: It’s good.


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