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Try Your Hand (and Feet) at Something New with Alternative Sports in Myrtle Beach

Part of the fun of vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, is the games people play during their visit to the Sun Fun Capital. Whether it's golf, surfing, sport fishing or beach volleyball, there's an endless list of recreational activities for vacationers who enjoy the thrill of competition.

But for visitors who like to take advantage of their free time to try something new, the Grand Strand also offers some unique sports and games for the whole family. Guests at Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort can play pool games in any kind of weather at our indoor/outdoor water facilities, or go off the property to discover some non-traditional activities. Here are some of our guests' favorite alternate sports to play during their vacation stays:

* Disc Golf: Throwing a Frisbee on the beach can be a real challenge when a stiff sea breeze is blowing, but there are several disc golf courses where you can test your skills away from the immediate coast. The Socastee Recreation Park disc golf course features 18 holes that wind through pine trees and nature trails. Loris Nature Park in Loris, East Bay Park in Georgetown and Tupelo Bay Golf Center in Surfside Beach also have disc golf layouts.

* Foot Golf: For those who prefer to use their feet over their hands, Tupelo Bay also offers Foot Golf, the latest trend in alternative golfing. Combining the skills of soccer and golf, this nine-hole layout is like a shorter version of a regular golf course with holes large enough to sink a soccer ball. Competitors kick off from the tee box, chip and drive from the sand traps and fairways, and "putt" on the greens - all while using only their feet.

* Kitesurfing: Also known as kiteboarding, this hybrid water sport combines surfing and parasailing into one exciting activity. Although surfing and parachuting experience helps with balance and handling, novices can learn this skill with a little help from a local outfitter, like Myrtle Beach Kiteboarding School. A body harness secures the parachute to the kitesurfer, who uses the wind to zip along and fly high over the ocean waves. It's a real workout, but it's well worth the effort.

* Myrtle Ball: For a more leisurely beach activity, this game was invented by a local and picked up by a national game manufacturer. Myrtle Ball is a combination of bocce and golf, featuring sand buckets buried up to the rim and special color-coded balls for rolling into the cup. Although not widely available outside the Grand Strand, you can pick up this fun-filled beach game at one of the local beachwear stores.

* Pickle Ball: The creative name doesn't accurately describe the action, which is like playing ping-pong on a tennis court. Popular among seniors looking to stay active but not get overexerted, Pickle Ball has become a big hit on the Grand Strand. Compass Cove guests can visit the nearby Pepper Geddings Recreation Center or the Myrtle Beach Tennis Center for a pick-up game of Pickle Ball.

* Pro Minigolf: Who knew that putt-putt golf was a professional sport? The kids' game is popular among adults who prefer to carry only a putter over hauling their entire golf bag, and Myrtle Beach is the home to several national and international tournaments each year. The US Open of ProMiniGolf and the Masters of MiniGolf are held at Hawaiian Rumble Golf in North Myrtle Beach and other courses on the Grand Strand.

Those are just six more ways to do something different during your Myrtle Beach vacation. Book your trip to Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort today, and get ready to play ball - or at least some variation of it.