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Top Three Reasons to Book Your Myrtle Beach Vacation Early

You’ve heard it before: The early bird gets the worm. It’s as true in vacation planning as it is in anything else. Getting on top of it and booking your Myrtle Beach vacation can really pay off.

Here are a few of the best reasons to book your next vacation at Compass Cove early (like, maybe now):

1. Getting it booked means you’ll really come! How many times have you said “we should really get back to the beach,” and then never gotten around to making it happen? Chances are good that’s happened to you at least a few times. Booking early is the best way to assure that you’ll make it happen – you’ll go ahead and request the time off, get it on your calendar, and get yourself to the beach!

2. You’ll get a better rate. There’s no way around it: The best rates on rooms go first. If you wait until the last minute, when occupancy goes up, you will end up paying more. That’s just the way it is. So start planning early, pick your dates, and keep an eye out for sales by liking Compass Cove on Facebook and signing up for email updates.

3. You’re more likely to get your room placement requests. If you have special requests for your stay, your request will be prioritized based on when you booked. So if you really want the highest floor you can get, or if you fell in love with a certain room, or even a particular building, you have a better shot at getting exactly what you want if you book your vacation at Compass Cove earlier. So book as soon as you can, and whether you book by phone or online, you can put your request in notes right as you book.

You know how soothing to the soul a Myrtle Beach vacation can be. Time spent relaxing and listening to waves crashing, the warm sun and sand, the salt air, and the quality time with family and friends … those are the reasons you come to Myrtle Beach. And the reasons to book that trip early? Getting the trip on your calendar, getting a better rate, and getting the room you want. What could be better? 

(posted 12/18/13)