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Follow the Clues and Play the Compass Cove Scavenger Hunt

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers so many great amenities that you might need a compass, or at least a good map, to find them all. From waterslides and lazy rivers to a restaurant, bar and tiki hut overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Compass Cove is a seaside oasis of fun and relaxing things to do.

So to help you find your way around the resort property and enjoy all the first-class amenities (and to show your friends back home how much fun you are having), we have assembled a scavenger hunt of the premises. Using the Compass Cove-themed clues below, find the right spots, snap a selfie (or "groupie" if you are playing with family and friends), and post the photos to your Instagram account. Be sure to tag Compass Cove (, and you may win a prize.

Clue 1

Three lazy rivers roll through the Compass Cove scene,

One inside, one outside, and another in between,

The east side of the property is sure to keep you smiling,

So take a picture standing on the lazy river island.

Clue 2

Around and around and around you go,

Before splashing into the water below,

Go west if you don't want to be a big loser,

Pose with the Schooner Screamer and Compass Cruiser.

Clue 3

We might all live in a yellow submarine,

But this one is also red, blue and green,

Here kids can splash and play from day to dark,

At the Kiddie Pool and Silly Sub Water Park.

Clue 4

Go up a few floors and follow your nose,

To a tasty restaurant, not the Compass Rose,

But one where the view and food are the best,

Snap a shot of yourself at The Crow’s Nest.

Clue 5

Now that you've covered the Compass Cove,

Let us venture north and go for a rove,

To the Sea Captain's House on Ocean Boulevard,

Now you've finished your quest, it wasn't that hard.

Congratulations on completing your Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort scavenger hunt! Now post all five pictures to your Instagram account, share them with Compass Cove, and you may be the big winner of a special treat. It’s just one more way Compass Cove provides the perfect venue for a perfect Myrtle Beach vacation.