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Eat (and be Entertained) Like a King at Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

Eat (and be Entertained) Like a King at Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach

Everyone likes dinner and a show, right? We know we do, and Myrtle Beach’s Medieval Times is one of our favorites. Not only do you get to eat dinner like a king, but you also get to watch the entertainment of medieval kings, a live jousting tournament featuring real horses!

The story takes place in the 11th Century. You will learn about Don Carlos, the King; Princess Catlina, the fairest lady in the realm, who will not have a husband chosen for her; Lord Ulrick, the Herald of the North, who will either unite two kingdoms or ignite a war; and the Lord Chancellor, who introduces the tournament of Knights.

The rotating cast of knights each have their own story, as well. The Yellow Knight, Don Eduardo del Rey; The Black & White Knight, Don Iofre Santa Creu, defender of the ancient shrine at Santiago de Compostela; The Blue Knights, Don Alberto del Mau, a champion of the defenseless …

The show includes nearly two hours of thrilling knightly competition that will amaze, with healthy doses falconry to swordsmanship and horsemanship. And while the knights battle for supremacy, you get to feast. Of course, silverware wasn’t used in the 11th century, so your ability to feast without a fork will also be tested during dinner as you devour roasted chicken, spare ribs, potatoes, soup and garlic bread (there’s also a full bar for the over-21 Lords and Ladies in your party).

If you go, it’s recommended that you arrive early. The castle doors open just over an hour before the show, and seating is first-come, first-serve, with the best seats filling quickly, and many shows selling out. But there’s plenty to do while you’re at the castle aside from watch the show and eat. Dungeon tours and the falconer are two popular attractions.

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Posted 7/27/13